Tobi Path of Truth is a stylized exploration adventure game in which you are invited to embark on an epic journey through a mysterious world filled with secrets, danger, and wonder. As the protagonist, you will traverse a variety of environments, from sprawling forests and treacherous mountains to derelict cities and ancient ruins, all while uncovering the game’s deep lore and unraveling its intricate storyline.

You start the story on post apocalyptic Earth where you find an abandoned cathedral from where you can teleport yourself to 7 various worlds. Every time you visit a new world you will take a form of a symbolic animal which respresents one of 7 deadly sins. Each animal has its own unique ability which makes a huge difference to the gameplay.

Learn how to fight your sins and be a better You

As you delve deeper into the game’s narrative, you will face challenging platforming elements and dangerous enemies that will require you to use all of your skills and wits to overcome.

Ultimately, the game offers a compelling and rewarding experience for fans of exploration and adventure games, with a deep and engrossing storyline, memorable characters, and gorgeous visuals and music.